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Evil Eye Jewellery

More than 71,000 things emerge when you search for "evil eye jewellery" on Etsy, the e-commerce website for handmade and antique items. It's a startling discovery, but it's not surprising given how many people, well, believe in the evil eye. People have feared the malicious stare of someone who envies others good fortune and wishes him harm throughout history, across cultures and faiths around the world.

What is their defense? Charms such as the evil-eye amulet, which is a bead or disc with a representation of an eye — sometimes with a bright blue iris, sometimes with a black iris surrounded by white and deep blue or aqua rings. Visitors visiting the bazaars of Greece and Turkey, as well as Israel's shuks (covered markets), will be familiar with the numerous ways in which those blue, white, and black glass beads can be combined into necklaces, bracelets, and other adornments.

Contemporary designers have created items that incorporate the evil eye in diamonds and sapphires, as well as gold and silver, to appeal to current tastes. So, it's more than just a charm for your high school backpack or something for Coachella.

In fact, it was clear that the style had entered the fashion mainstream when Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was seen wearing an Alemdara evil-eye necklace and then an evil eye bracelet during her trip to Africa— the latter (was it deliberate?) on the day the public learned she had filed suit against a British newspaper for publishing a private letter.

Our Evil Eye Collection

With the evil eye collection we have, we understand what the trands are going around and what are the expectation of our customers. 

Evil Eye Bracelet

evil eye bracelet

The dark blue color has a spiritual sense of protection. The evil eye bracelet guards against malicious intent, karma, misfortune, and animosity. So, check out our varied choice of evil eye bracelets.

Evil Eye Necklace

evil eye necklace

When a person wears or carries an evil eye necklace, it protects them against misfortune in their lives. The evil eye necklace provides you good luck and shields you from any ill will that may otherwise harm your well-being or life in general.

Evil Eye Earrings

evil eye earrings

You can rock spirituality by donning our evil eye earrings with utmost confidence. With our gold evil eye earrings, you can up your fashion game while warding off the evil.

Evil Eye Rings

evil eye rings

The Evil Eye Ring, which has a long history stretching back to ancient civilizations, has long been used by various cultures as a symbol of protection from harm caused by envy or malevolence directed at one person by another. The evil eye charm, being a positive power, aids the bearer in warding off negative emotions and evil.

Evil Eye Anklets


You can ward off evil and attract positive energy with our assorted array of Evil Eye Anklets. Browse our varied range of evil eye jewellery and embrace your traditions in an elegant way.

A Little Backstory

The desire to be protected from the evil eye isn't new. Mesopotamian amulets in the style of gods with etched eyes were unearthed during excavations in Syria and date to 3300 B.C. "It is firmly believed by all ancients that some malignant influence darted from the eyes of envious or angry persons, and so infected the air as to penetrate and corrupt the bodies of both living creatures and inanimate objects," Frederick El worthy wrote in 1895 in "The Evil Eye: The Origins and Practices of Superstitions." (He also talked about ancient Egyptians wearing amulets with the Eye of Osiris, one of their gods, to protect them against bad magic both in life and after death.)

As glass manufacture got more proficient, glass beads appeared in the Mediterranean around 1500 B.C., and evil-eye beads became popular among the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans. Many historians believe that because dark-eyed individuals were the norm in the region, those with blue eyes were thought to be the best at casting the evil eye, which led to the widespread use of blue in protective amulets.

The evil eye, however, can be found in both Celtic and Polish culture. In her 1887 book, "Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland," Lady Jane Francesca Wilde (the playwright's mother) said, "There is nothing more dreaded by the people, nor thought more fatal in its consequences than the Evil Eye."

Importance of Evil Eye Accessories

We immediately become wary of strangers with bad motives, ominous appearances, and menacing gazes. According to our expertise, such gushing compliments should be taken with a pinch of salt, because the person behind all the accolades, smirks, and adoring looks is most likely plotting to twist your necks or stab you in the back.

The emblem of an eye is carved/designed on the vibes can help you stay safe. We attract what we put forth, and good fortune often comes in strange packages. We know you're in charge of your destiny, but a little good fortune may go a long way, especially when everything is looking so wonderful!

The Evil Eye Meaning

The evil eye is a curse that is thought to be cast by a jealous look or other negative energy and is usually directed at someone who is unaware of it. Receiving the evil eye is said to bring misfortune, bad luck, or injury in many cultures. The evil eye symbol was used in jewellery, talismans, and amulets to protect the wearer from the evil eye.

Is it okay if I give evil eye jewellery to others?

Yes! When given to others as a symbol of protection and good luck, evil eye jewellery can be quite effective. Our gold evil eye pendants are ideal for giving as gifts!

Is evil eye jewellery effective?

Evil eye jewellery operates as a talisman, attracting positive energy while repelling negative energy! Think of your evil eye necklace as a protective screen against bad luck.

Who is allowed to wear evil eye jewellery?

Everyone and anyone! Although evil eye jewellery has been documented in a variety of cultures and religions around the world, you do not need to be religious to wear one! So put on your evil eye bracelet and welcome the positive energy.

Evil Eye Amulet Benefits

Spiritual jewellery is a timeless treasure that, in its own way, not only provides beauty but also healing. Evil eye jewellery is thought to ward off negativity and rebalance the energy and equilibrium in your environment. The five chakras, which coordinate with the five senses to clear the mind and body, are symbolized by Hamsa, which is thought to be God's hand. Our spiritual jewellery is designed to bring the user luck, protection, and power.

The evil eye pendants' overall benefits include the notion that it protects the wearer from evil spirits and bad luck. The eye symbol is both an amulet and a talisman, and it can provide you with both protection and power. Wearing this protective emblem for good luck or protection against the power of evil negative energy is a cultural norm among believers.

We have a great assortment of evil eye jewellery, including earrings, pendant necklaces, and bracelets, at one stop. If you choose to believe, the eye will offer you security, strength, and vitality in order to lead and aid you in living in harmony in today's society.