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      The absolutely stunning anklets aren't just a fad; they're here to stay. Traditional anklets could remind you of primary school, but the contemporary version of a designer anklet is far more stylish. An enormous portion of Indian jewellery collections consists of anklets, or payals as they are known in that country. The options are numerous, from adorning an infant with a payal to adding kolusu to a dreamy bridal attire. The allure of an anklet cannot be emphasized. The key to wearing anklets for women is achieving the right balance between style and occasion; there are no hard and fast rules in this regard. If the event is joyous, pick a tiny anklet with a bit of shine. Wear a colorful beaded Payal if you're going on a beach date to add some color to your otherwise monotone outfit.

      The edgy anklet designs by Ferosh will highlight your fashionable sense of style. Search the options to discover something that complements your clothing. To easily accessorize your clothing, choose anklets made of beads, pearls, diamonds, tassels, or other materials. Look through our color scheme, which features monochromes, gold, silver, bronze, and other vibrant tones.


      Anklets come in a variety of designs, with the majority being straightforward Payal and others being exquisitely piled and embellished. But if you really want to stand out in terms of style, make sure it's embellished with classy silver anklets. You can order plain or gorgeous Payal to be delivered to your home right now. Ferosh has some of the greatest pieces.


      Beautiful evil eye anklets in simple designs will add a touch of elegance to your casual outfit. While sitting at the beach or by the pool, use an anklet in gold with denim shorts or skirts and spaghetti shirts. A white fitted dress and a pair of red flip-flops will give you a bohemian vibe. A charm anklet with a mix of elegant beads will complement your amazing ensemble. Ferosh has lovely anklet chains to show off your well-kept feet. To appear swish, combine them with your silk churidar and kameez. Ethnic anklets are a fun way to add some color to your outfit. Pair this lovely color with a floral patterned playsuit and ballerinas for a charming look. Add a pink sling bag and a pink-strapped watch to complete the look. Ferosh also has an unrivalled selection of gold-plated anklets to go with your ethnic outfit. Encrusted stones, carved features, and metallic beads with floral flourishes are all options. Wear your traditional attire with gold-plated anklets to add oomph. The blue anklets will adorn your feet and draw a lot of attention to them.


      Our wedding payals will offer you the ideal bridal look as you go down the aisle. With stones and diamonds adorning them for a lasting impact, they are as exotic as they come. A great substitute for adding sparkle to your outfit during the wedding festivities is heavy payal. Wedding anklets complement any bridal jewellery with their beautiful handcrafted designs. If you're looking for something contemporary, pair stacked anklets with toe rings. Given that they pleasantly accentuate the feet, these stacked anklets appear best with ghagras that are ankle length. In addition to women's ankle chains, we also offer a sweet selection of baby anklets. There are anklets for any taste, whether they are modern or antique, made of black beads or adorned. Find the ideal leg anklet and a range of other women's jewellery at the Ferosh, the ultimate style destination, from the comfort of your home.


      What does wearing an anklet mean?

      Asian women frequently wear them to show that they are married, as a talisman on the left ankle, or to display a charm or bead that symbolises the evil eye's protection. You can wear your anklet as a fashion statement or as a charm to serve as a constant reminder of your interconnectedness with the earth, sea, and sky.

      Which leg should a woman wear an anklet on?

      There are no hidden messages as to whether an anklet should be worn on the left or right ankle; it can be worn on either ankle. Ankle bracelets should never be worn with pantyhose, though. Only bare legs should wear it.

      Why do ladies put on anklets?

      Because the ankles are so close to the ground, anklets were worn as amulets. Therefore, it appears that anklets are still used as a form of protection. Anklets worn on the left ankle also denote marriage or a romantic relationship.

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